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Regenasure is a vegetarian/vegan form of Glucosamine, manufactured in USA by Cargill using non-GMO corn.    It is more bio-available than the common Glucosamine Sulfate, and does not increase your sodium intake.


This package is supplied in a slimline bag to allow for it being posted through a letterbox using Royal Mail 1st Class without the need for a signature (unless added to a larger order over £30).


What is Glucosamine?

  • Glucosamine is a substance that is naturally created in your cells, and is one of the main building blocks in your joints.    All of your tendons, ligaments, cartilage, and synovial fluid require an adequate supply of Glucosamine to be healthy, pain free, and provide the "shock absorption" as you move.
  • Glucosamine is taken by millions of people to supplement healthy joints, and is highly recommended by large numbers of arthritis sufferers.
  • A study done by Dr Michael Ristow of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology suggests that Glucosamine improves metabolism, and increased lifespan of lab animals by almost 10%.
  • For more info, also check out Dr Axe's excellent full report on Glucosamine

Why buy Regenasure?  

  1. Regenasure is pure vegetarian D-Glucosamine HCL (Hydrochloride) - made from non-GMO corn in USA, and is certified Vegetarian/Halal/Kosher. 
  2. Glucosamine HCL is much more bio-available than the cheaper and more common Glucosamine Sulfate - with 83% being usable Glucosamine, compared to 65% in Sulfate. 
  3. The inferior Glucosamine Sulfate contains approximately 30% salt (sodium and potassium chloride) - adding substantially to daily salt intake.   Regenasure however, does not add to your salt intake.
  4. Even if you are not vegetarian or avoiding shellfish, the vegetarian Glucosamine is vastly superior, as it is made under controlled conditions.    Most regular Glucosamine comes from unknown sources of shellfish, kept in unknown conditions - thus increasing chances of contamination, and with possible issues from the rising levels of radiation in the oceans (and oceanic organisms) due to Fukushima.

Why Powder?

  • By using powder, you get the purest form of Glucosamine - without the bulking agents, binding agents, anti-caking agents, stabilisers, and coatings found in tablets and capsules.
  • It is significantly cheaper.



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