Our New Website Overhaul + New Products

After almost 12 years of trading, it was time for a change...    and Planet MSM has been totally overhauled.


Whilst we've been one of the UK's main suppliers of MSM Powder and Flakes for a long time, our website just hadn't changed much at all due to a poor inflexible build to start with.   However, there was a certain degree of "if it isn't broke..."    However, we did finally get around to completely overhauling, and introducing new products as well... as well as allowing for more payment methods... and providing sales, vouchers, and other offers.


MSM is popular with many people for lots of reasons, but one of the primary ones is for joint health - and for those people, Glucosamine has been another key supplement that works with and enhances the MSM benefits.   For many years we received lots of questions about what the best Glucosamine supplement is, and what we would recommend.     Standard generic Glucosamine is sourced from various forms of sea-life such as shark cartilage, or ground up crustaceans - and suffer frequently from contamination (one study found 26% of brands to contain illegal levels of lead!)


This led to us sourcing Regenasure, the purest type we could find.    Made from non-GMO corn, this not only made it great for vegetarians/vegans, but also removed a major source of contamination.   Regenasure Glucosamine is manufactured in USA by Cargill in a dedicated factory, unlike most standard Chinese imports.   


Our site now not only offers Pure Distilled MSM Powder, Flakes, and Capsules, but also vegetarian Glucosamine Powder and Capsules - with Free UK shipping on everything of course.    

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