Hi, my name is Nathan, and I created PlanetMSM back in 2006.    I was first introduced to MSM and its benefits back in 1999 by an American friend.    Whilst it was fairly popular in the U.S., it wasn't common in the UK... except for horses.   


For over 6 years I predominately purchased bulk tubs of MSM from various horse supply companies, since large quantities of "human" MSM were not available, other than importing from America.    I initially looked at importing bulk quantities to sell in the UK, but decided to create a standard customer page selling anything from 250g upwards.    PlanetMSM went live in Summer 2006, and our first order of 500g powder came in only 18 minutes later!


For the next few years, we sold "generic" MSM powder, the same as the vast majority of MSM available online.   We tried several suppliers - though the quality seemed to vary considerably, and there were some bad batches that just didn't taste normal, or wouldn't mix no matter how much they were stirred.    I discussed the issue with a chemical engineer from the pharmaceutical industry, and he explained that the safety certificates that came with each batch weren't that useful...  MSM, like lots of other supplements can have quite high levels of heavy metals and other contaminants, but so long as they are under the specified legal limits, can be sold.   Also, "safe" contaminants frequently aren't even tested for, since they don't pose a danger.  


It turned out the bar is set pretty high for supplement safety, and many experts were (and are) concerned about the build up of contaminants such as heavy metals in long term supplement use.    Enter OptiMSM...    After weeks of research into every producer of MSM, we decided that Bergstrom's OptiMSM was the best by far - not only was it distilled, but done 4 times for extra purity... up to 5000x less heavy metals, and not made with the usual petrochemical methods!


So, since 2011 we have provided exclusively MSM made by Bergstrom Nutrition.    Our focus is on sourcing the best possible brands, rather than selling cheaper "generic" sources of supplements - and whatever additional contaminants they may come with.   Just for reference, we can buy generic MSM for 11 times less than OptiMSM... though as they say, "you get what you pay for!".


We sell through this website, an eBay store, and also supply many UK businesses such as stables, gyms, spas, and health shops.    If you have any questions or comments, please drop us an email:




UK Supplier of OptiMSM Distilled MSM Powder, Flakes and Capsules